For What It’s Worth

I must be about the same age as this blogger, I remember the song and have come to pretty much the same conclusions. Another line in the song says “Ain’t nobody right if everyone’s wrong.” As Christians we need to stop fixating on all that is wrong with the world and truly be ambassadors of all that is right and good.


“Paranoia strikes deep.  Into your life it will creep.  It starts when you’re always afraid.  You step out of line, the man come and take you away.”

For those of you not old enough to remember, the line above comes from the song by Buffalo Springfield whose title I borrowed for the title of this blog post.  If you don’t know the song you can follow the link and listen to the whole thing.  I apologize for the poor video and audio quality but, hey, it was 1967 and it was the best we could do.

I remember sitting with my friends in my college apartment smoking, something we weren’t supposed to, and thinking that the song touched our real fears.  This was the era of war protests, free love, race riots, bra burning and a host of other things.  Students my age were in the thick of it and…

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