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Giving credit where credit is due

I have posted two letters written by Benjamin Eby, the first was on May 14 and entitled “A gentle admonition,” the second was yesterday. These letters were originally written in German, the English translations were done by Isaac R Horst, an Old Order Mennonite of Mount Forest, Ontario.  I obtained the first letter during a personal visit to Mr Horst, the second is contained in his book “Close Ups of the Great Awakening.” This book is a compilation of records around the time of the Old Order division in Ontario, and elsewhere.

We left Ontario 21 years ago and I have not seen Mr Horst since that time. We made several visits to his home during the years we lived in Ontario and found him and his wife to be friendly, hospitable people. I’m not sure how much farming Mr Horst did, he had a few cows and chickens, at least. He dismantled old buildings and sold the materials that could be salvaged for reuse. In whatever time remained, he was an avid historian. There was nothing in his personal appearance that would have suggested just how knowledgeable and articulate he was.

He had collected a wealth of information, old letters and historical records, and published a number of books. Most of them were self published, but a few years ago I came across a book in our nearest Christian book store entitled “A Separate People,”  written by Mr Horst and published by Herald Press in 2000. If Mr Horst is still living, he is 96 years old.

2 responses to “Giving credit where credit is due

  1. Delmer B. Martin November 15, 2014 at 23:44

    Isaac Reist Horst was born November 28, 1918 and died November 18, 2008 and is buried at the Cedar View Mennonite Meetinghouse Cemetery at Mt Forest Ontario. Interestingly I have read his obituary and it does not even mention that he was Mennonite Historian and accomplished author of many Mennonite books, including the one “Thou Art Peter” which is about my ancestor Peter Martin who immigrated from Lancaster County PA to Waterloo Ontario;

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