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Family Day musings

Today is Family Day in my part of Canada. It is a holiday that was begun in one province several years ago and is slowly spreading across the country.

Our dining room table was covered with jigsaw puzzle pieces this morning, from a 1,000 piece puzzle my wife started yesterday when we had company, an illustration of 30 traditional quilt patterns.  I looked at it this morning and vowed I was not going to touch it. That resolve didn’t last long; I spent more time at that puzzle than in doing anything really useful. But hey, it’s a holiday and we haven’t done a puzzle for about a year. We finished at 7:00 pm and then had supper.

Friday we went to our nearest town on several business errands and then decided to have a coffee break. There is a shop in this town that sells antiques and collectibles and also serves coffee. You just take a seat at one of the old tables in the display room and Richard will brew you up some coffee and serve cinnamon buns, too if you wish. The cinnamon buns were delicious, the coffee was excellent.

While we were there a lady from the city came in, a friend of Richard and his wife.  She used to work in the Cappuccino Café of Scott’s Parable Christian Store in Saskatoon and recognized me right away.  (I stop there for coffee so often that they don’t even ask what I want anymore.) So we had a nice visit while we leisurely ate those huge cinnamon buns and downed the extra large cups of coffee (my wife had two cups).

When we left, I went to pay and Richard said, “Well, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day and you brought your sweetheart in, it’s on the house today.”

Talk about marketing skills! Now we feel obligated to go back so we can pay for something!

Richard’s kind gesture made our day. Then, after eating those cinnamon buns (did I mention they were huge?), we only had room for a bowl of soup for supper.


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