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The pride of man

When I was a teenager, scientists were predicting that a new ice age was somewhere just over the horizon.  Around the same time (these were the cold war days) the media was publishing speculations that severe weather conditions were the result of secret Russian experiments at weather control.  The U.S. military was spending a lot of money to research the possibility of climatological warfare.  That probably made it easier for the “experts” to believe that the Russians were already a step ahead.

In more recent years, there has been a lot of scary talk about “man-made climate change”.  The evidence for that is no more realistic than the “evidence” of Russian climate control experiments. In fact, scientists are now going back to saying that we are entering a cycle of reduced sun spot activity that will lead to a 200 to 250-year period of cooler temperatures: a mini ice age.  I believe this is where I came in.

But aren’t severe storms, floods and earthquakes becoming more frequent?  Didn’t the Canadian government issue a news release some years ago showing conclusive proof of this?  Well no, it didn’t.  The department of the Canadian government named in this bulletin did not exist.  The data was equally bogus.

Major destructive earthquakes, storms and floods have been happening for centuries.  Three things have changed that make it seem worse: 1) increasing population and rapidly growing urban agglomerations mean a greater chance of large numbers of people being affected by these events; 2) urban development, road network development and agricultural development have altered natural drainage patterns, increasing the odds of catastrophic flooding; 3) increased communication and  news media make us aware of every disaster that happens anywhere in the world.  This, along with an ignorance of history, combines to create the impression that things are rapidly getting worse.

The reality is that the natural forces at work which affect our weather are hundreds of times more powerful than anything man can do.  It is the pride of man that makes him believe that he should be able to control his environment.

I believe that God has made this world in such a way that we will be subject to the occasional shaking of the solid ground beneath our feet, rising waters that scrub away all traces of human activity, and winds that toss man-made structures around like matchsticks.  These are reminders that we are not in control.  Those who put their trust in man will continually be catastrophically disappointed.

“Oh God, the pride of man, broken in the dust again.”*

*From Pride of Man, written by Hamilton Camp, as sung by Gordon Lightfoot.

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