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Flavoured water

My wife picked up a bottle of water to drink on the way home.  Once we got out on the highway, she picked up the bottle, unscrewed the cap and took a swig.  I heard a disgusted noise from the seat beside me, followed by “What is this stuff?”  She examined the label more closely than when she had picked up the bottle to buy it, and saw it contained watermelon flavoured water.

My wife loves watermelon.  But watermelon flavoured water, with artificial sweetener and various other mysterious ingredients, did not appeal to her palate.

A missionary friend recounted a story of a village that had no source of good water.  They would walk to a pond a mile or so away and fill their buckets with the brackish swamp water found there.

Eventually an NGO saw the need, drilled a well and set up a tap right in the village where the people could get all the pure, clear water they needed.  Several months later, my friend visited this village again and was surprised to see many of the people once again making the trek to the brackish pond.

“Doesn’t the pump work anymore?”

“Yes, it works just fine.”

“Then why don’t you use the water from the pump?”

“Well, it just doesn’t have the same flavour.”

Jesus has provided us with a source of pure, clear, life-giving water that will never run dry.  Why is it that so many who profess to be purveyors of that water feel a need to enhance it with artificial sweeteners and flavours, perhaps even a dash of wormwood?

Is it possible to get so accustomed to the tang of that flavoured water that we no longer have a thirst for the pure, life-giving water that flows from the throne of God?

2 responses to “Flavoured water

  1. Yvette Warkentin June 27, 2013 at 16:33

    This is so true. May I add this post to my NYC diary that I send to friends? I will give you credit.

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