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Post script to “Things that go bump in the night”

We didn’t just go to the city to escape the skunk smell; my wife had a doctor’s appointment.  It just so happened that my cousin Ted’s wife had an appointment in the same office at the same time.  She was accompanied by a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter.  Chris shared our tale of woe.

Cousin Ted called the next morning.  “Say Bob, we found a dead skunk and we dropped it off in your yard.  Did you find it?”

“So that’s what happened!”

Well no, I don’t believe that’s what happened.  But it will make a good story for the next family gathering: “Did you hear what Ted did to us?”

Our son-in-law told us we could gladly have come to their place in the middle of the night.  We appreciate the offer, but wonder if anyone would have gotten any sleep.

Our mobile home has an addition which includes our bedroom and bathroom.  The initial cloud of odour drifted into this area too, but once it had dissipated, this area has been odour free.

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