Antiquarian Anabaptist

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

The kingdom of Christ

From the Pensées of Blaise Pascal (circa 1660):

If the Jews had all been converted by Christ we should only have suspect witnesses left.  And if they had been wiped out we should have had none at all.

The Jews reject him [Jesus], but not all of them: the holy ones accept him and not the carnal ones, and far from telling against his glory this is the crowning touch to it.  Their reason for doing so, and the only one to be found in all their writings, in the Talmud and the rabbis, is merely that Christ did not subdue the nations by force of arms.  “Gird thy sword, O most mighty” [Psalm 45:3].  Is that all they have to say?  “Christ was slain,” they say, “he was defeated and did not subdue the heathen by force.  He did not give us their spoils.  He offers us no riches.”  Is that all they have to say?  This is what makes me love him.  I would not want the man they envisage.  It is clear that it is only sin that prevented them from accepting him, and by their rejection they have become unimpeachable witnesses, and, what is more, in doing so they have fulfilled the prophecies.


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