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Tweetie-tweet-tweet-tweet — thunk!

Tweetie-tweet-tweet-tweet — thunk!

The sound was coming from just outside our bedroom window.  I roused myself groggily and peered through the blind.  Here was a yellow warbler on the window ledge outside.  He would sing his song, then fly up toward the top corner of the window — and bump into the glass!

Our bedroom was on the west side of the house facing the road.  There were a few trees between the house and the road, not enough to provide an effective screen to prevent passers-by from seeing in so a previous resident had put reflective plastic on the inside surface of the window.  When I went outside to look, there was a pine tree clearly reflected in the window.  This little yellow warbler spent three hours trying to fly up into that pine tree reflection and bumping into the window glass.

The whole performance was quite interesting to Panda, our big Maine Coon cat, so we opened the blind and set a chair beside the window for her.  She could see the bird but the bird could not see her.  The warbler would sit on the window ledge just inches away and sing her song, Panda would pounce and go thunk! against the window glass.  Neither cat nor bird hit the glass hard enough to do themselves any harm, but both found it a very frustrating experience.

How often do we bump into our illusions and find it hard to comprehend what has gone wrong?


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