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Five Reasons NOT to go to University

1.    You won’t learn any useful work skills.  Employers are looking for people who are articulate, literate, numerate and willing to serve.  They find that most university graduates are lacking in these qualities.  A large proportion of university graduates test as functionally illiterate.

2.    You will learn to party.  That will not be a useful life skill when you have to get up in the morning, morning after morning, and go to work.

3.    You will find it harder to get a job after you have a degree.  There are not many jobs out there for people who think their education qualifies them for a job that doesn’t involve much real work.

4.    You will run up massive student loan debt.  The total amount of student loan debt is higher than the total of credit card debt.  A large chunk of your working life will be gone before you get out from under that load.

5.    Your lifetime earnings will be less than if you just start working now in an entry level job and apply yourself to learn and excel at that job.  There are many jobs going begging in the trades and services.  You will need to learn on the job and take frequent upgrading to improve your skills.  But this won’t put you deep into debt and in the long run, your income will be higher than if you get a degree.

One of the other students in the French as a second language class that I was taking was a university trained archeologist.  He was lost in that class, because he had no understanding of English grammar.  How can you learn a second language if you don’t understand the structure of your mother tongue?  He eventually gave up and dropped out.

That happened almost twenty years ago and was my first hint that a university degree might not be worth the paper it was printed on.  As I recall, I don’t think he had managed to find steady work in his field, either.

None of the above applies to serious students going into the healing professions: doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc.  Engineering and legal degrees are also highly remunerative.  Most of the rest are just a scam to get young people to borrow huge amounts of money and get into the habit of paying interest for the rest of their lives.


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