February 6, 1952

It was Tuesday, I was nine years old, in Grade Five and we were living on the outskirts of Craik, Saskatchewan. I got up to get ready for school, turned on the radio and heard only stately orchestral music. I tried another station, then another; it was the same on all stations. The Eight o'clock … Continue reading February 6, 1952

Best wishes for 2022

Image by MegLearner from Pixabay  It was -35° yesterday evening. The brightness of the lights began to fluctuate around 11 PM and at 11:30 the electricity went out altogether. I started a fire in our wood stove (which doesn't look quite as nice as the one in the picture) and we entered 2022 to its warm glow. The … Continue reading Best wishes for 2022

Cancer Centre

My wife had her first visit at the Cancer Centre yesterday. Now isn't that a scary way of starting a conversation?  The visit really wasn't so scary. Let me start at the beginning.  Four months ago Chris decided that the tiredness she felt after a day's work had to be due to something more than … Continue reading Cancer Centre