Spring musings

Spring is coming, even here in the Great White North country.  Nothing is green yet, but there's a lot less of the white stuff. No song birds yet, either, but our bird feeder isn't emptying quite so quickly, which means the birds must be finding something  else now that the snow is receding. Our cats … Continue reading Spring musings

Change is in the air

A few days ago the days started to grow longer. I can’t tell the difference yet–the sun still rises at 9:15 AM and sets at 5:00 PM. The daily change so far is small: today is 25 seconds longer than yesterday, tomorrow will be 30 seconds longer than today. But I know that soon it … Continue reading Change is in the air

Return of the sunshine

My wife left for Edmonton again on Sunday, December 14. That was followed by a week of overcast skies. I sent her a text message on Friday saying "You are my sunshine," since I hadn't seen any sunshine since she left. Yesterday was the beginning of another new week, and it was a gloriously sunny … Continue reading Return of the sunshine

Summer in sunny Saskatchewan

I hope everybody had a chuckle over the mistake in my last post. Two millimetres a year would come to two hundred millimetres in a century, or twenty centimetres, not two metres. If you look at the post now, you will see that I have corrected the error. Warm weather was late in arriving this … Continue reading Summer in sunny Saskatchewan