Suicide is a spirit

One night, somewhere in Canada, a young indigenous woman found herself battling thoughts of suicide. She was a Christian, she knew that was not what she wanted to do, yet the thought kept coming to her that it would be so easy to escape from her troubles. All she needed to do was walk out … Continue reading Suicide is a spirit

This game is rigged!

We want to prosper in life, we want to have fun, we want to taste all the good things that are available to us. But we don’t find satisfaction in the things that promised pleasure, other people disappoint us, there never seems to be enough money to do all that we want, there is too … Continue reading This game is rigged!

Silence like a cancer grows

Paul Simon was right. Hidden amidst the noise that permeates our daily lives - the noise of our appliances, the hum of our computers, traffic noise, telephones, sirens, music, celebrations, protests, news - there is a pernicious silence. No one dares talk of the things that are churning in their heart. It's just not done, … Continue reading Silence like a cancer grows

Never alone

I expect most people know where I am headed with this post, but there is some rough terrain to be covered first. Alone with God is a wonderful place to be, but there are a host of other spirits vying for our attention. When destructive thoughts come – anger, envy, lust, suspicion, resentment and the … Continue reading Never alone

Lumosity better than Prozac?

A recent study of elderly persons suffering from depression compared the effects of playing cognitive training games on a computer to taking a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). The cognitive training games were found to work faster and better than the SSRI. I grant that my headline is a bit misleading. The games were not … Continue reading Lumosity better than Prozac?

Old age is not a disease

I had a birthday a couple of years ago. They come every year, for me as for most people, but this was the one that marked me definitively as being an old man. I told my family and friends that I did not want anyone telling me that I was 70 years young. I was … Continue reading Old age is not a disease

The Lonely Ache of Popularity

Bill was tall, fair, handsome, sensitive. He was also the Eighth Grade football hero ‒ the one who scored the goals and carried the home team to victory. Girls in the top two grades were openly–or secretly–nuts about him. Like Grace, the girl who lived down the street from him. She was a nobody, shy … Continue reading The Lonely Ache of Popularity