It all began on Mount Sinai

Summit of Mt. Sinai, photo by Mohammed Moussa, This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Western thought patterns are highly abstract, compared with Eastern. There developed in the West, and only in the West, a group of innovations that constitute the basis of Western thought. These include (in addition to the alphabet) … Continue reading It all began on Mount Sinai

Understanding the language of the Bible

There is a good possibility that using a dictionary of the English language will muddy the waters when it comes to trying to understand a word used in the Bible. The word science found in 1 Timothy 6:20 is a case in point. The Greek word here translated science is gnosis, which in all its … Continue reading Understanding the language of the Bible

Sore shoulder

I got a flu shot Monday afternoon, in my left shoulder. By evening any movement of my right shoulder was very painful and I got very little sleep. Who knew a flu shot could do that? If a man can smile when things go wrong,He's thought of something he can blame it on. In reality, … Continue reading Sore shoulder

Doctrines of the Humanist Religion

  1. Nothing is real if it cannot be explained by the human mind I may call myself a lover of the truth, but if I am unwilling to believe anything that does not fit the measure of my mind, am I really open to consider what truth is? Scientific hypotheses attempt to fit the … Continue reading Doctrines of the Humanist Religion


That fearsome disease, The deaths do not cease. Who can help when such fear Clutches all who are near?Disease is a curse, Fear just makes it worse. We flee those who would help. Trust things that cannot help.Thousands are dying, Thousands are trying To arrest the bleeding, And stop it from spreading.Has a cure been … Continue reading Ebola

Theory, hypothesis, fallacy

People despise Christian faith.  They hate it and are afraid that it may be true. -Blaise Pascal Pascal wrote these words at the beginning of the scientific era.  All attempts made during succeeding years to disprove Christianity by scientific means have been motivated by this fear.  For, if Christianity is true, if there really is … Continue reading Theory, hypothesis, fallacy

No room for a Saviour in evolution

I have felt considerable disappointment  over the past year to read in both Christianity Today and the Christian Research Journal that they appear to be capitulating to the reigning Darwinian dogma.  Both have published articles upholding the belief that the world is millions of years old and that life existed on earth for a very … Continue reading No room for a Saviour in evolution