Sins of omission?

James 4:17: “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” The last clause of this verse is written in the passive voice which leads some presumptuous readers of the Bible to take it to mean that there are sins of omission which are much less serious … Continue reading Sins of omission?

Why do young people today look so weird?

I remember when duck tail haircuts were all the rage among teenage boys.  I even  remember wearing a duck tail.  For readers younger than 65, a duck tail required hair long enough to be combed straight back and then parted vertically down the back of the head.  It required a lot of Brylcreem to keep … Continue reading Why do young people today look so weird?

Who is the victim here?

A young mother comes into the coffee shop with her three-year-old daughter. - Do you want a doughnut? - No.  I want to go home. - Mommy can buy you a chocolate milk. - No.  I want to go home. Mommy sees some friends at one of the tables and goes to talk to them.  … Continue reading Who is the victim here?

Rebels without a clue

I am struck at how clueless protest movements have become. The “Occupy” folks seem to think it is the fault of government and business that they don’t have a job.  You worked hard and got your BA.  You apply for a job that seems to offer the pay and perks that you feel you deserve.  … Continue reading Rebels without a clue