How Mennonite became an ethnic label rather than a religious one

This article focuses on the people calling themselves Mennonite who came to Manitoba from Ukraine in the 1870s and later. Lest anyone think I am engaging in an ethnic slur, let me say at the start that my mother was of those people and I will be sharing some of the things she told me. … Continue reading How Mennonite became an ethnic label rather than a religious one

The Quiet in the Land

Throughout Christian history, there has always been a united, visible body of believers who professed much the same faith regarding conversion and a personal relationship with God but who refused to conform to the state enforced form of worship of their day. The Martyrs’ Mirror catalogues the faith, and the persecution of these people because … Continue reading The Quiet in the Land

A faith worth dying for

Many of the Old Testament prophets died for the things they said. They were speaking the truth that God had revealed to them by His Spirit and the leaders of the people could not stand to hear that truth. So they killed the messengers of God thinking that would bring them peace. The Jewish leaders … Continue reading A faith worth dying for

Uncompromising faith

"Anabaptism was essentially a movement which insisted upon an earnest and uncompromising endeavour to live a life of true discipleship of Christ, that is to give expression in fellowship and love to the deepest Christian faith, with full readiness to suffer in conflict with the evil world order.  So long as this willingness to suffer … Continue reading Uncompromising faith