Now in paperback

It seems a lot of people want a book they can hold in their hands rather than an e-book.  If you are one of those, we are happy to announce that my wife's latest book is now available in paperback on for $10.99 US. It is also available on and, but for … Continue reading Now in paperback

The sad state of publishing

Doesn't everybody have a dream about writing a fantastic book that will be bought by a major publisher, where an editor will be assigned to fine tine the manuscript, a publicist will be assigned to promote the book, and everyone will live happily ever after? Forget about it. It's not going to happen. The publishing … Continue reading The sad state of publishing

A Closer Walk

This will be my 303rd post since I began blogging 15 months ago.  I believe it’s time to reflect on why I am doing this and where I’m going with it. My original intentions were threefold: 1) to be a witness of the old Anabaptist faith in an era when the Christian faith no longer … Continue reading A Closer Walk