Pastor Harvey* was immediately hired by another congregation of the same denomination. The young people followed and so did we. This church was the same distance from our home, but out in the country on gravel roads. Before long there was a baptism service for several of the youth and for Chris and me. Now … Continue reading Disappointments

Why isn’t this happening today?

A.D. 1199.— It is stated that at this time the Albigenses, who were one church with the Waldenses, had so increased in the earldom of Toulouse, that, as the papists complained, "almost a thousand cities were polluted with them." With this the lord of St. Aldegonde concurs, when he says: "That notwithstanding Peter de Bruis … Continue reading Why isn’t this happening today?

One God, two kingdoms

In 1660 AD, Thieleman J van Bright, a deacon of the Mennonite church in Holland, published the result of his exhaustive historical research of the beliefs and the persecutions of faithful Christians from the time of Christ up to the date of publication. This book, the Martyrs Mirror, runs to more than 1100 pages and … Continue reading One God, two kingdoms

True Christianity is neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic

"And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch" (Acts 11:26). Well, they had to call them something, didn't they?  Some of them had once been Jews, but that label didn't really fit anymore.   Others had been pagans, probably worshippers of Apollo and others of the Greek gods.  That label didn't work for them anymore.  … Continue reading True Christianity is neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic

A light shining in the darkness

In 1671 there arose a severe persecution of the Mennonites in Switzerland, causing many to flee the country.  Brethren in the Netherlands came to their aid and gave them refuge.  In all, about 700 persons, among them some very aged, fled Switzerland.  They were destitute, their lands and properties having been seized by the Swiss … Continue reading A light shining in the darkness

Circling the wagons is not an option

The Western movies of my boyhood often contained a scene where Indians attacked a wagon train of settlers.  The settlers would draw their wagons onto a circle to form a protective wall, then try to fend off the attackers with rifle fire.  This would go on until the ammunition was gone and their doom appeared … Continue reading Circling the wagons is not an option

A flower that could not be burned

[The following account is found in the Martyrs Mirror, pages 420-421.  The English translation is from 1886, I have done some slight editing.] When the believers greatly increased under persecution and the cross, there was in Bavaria a learned priest of the mass named Leonhard Keyser.  He examined the writings of Zwingli and Luther and … Continue reading A flower that could not be burned

Eternal security or insecurity?

Evangelicals of the present day are being taught a doctrine of eternal security, but most are not aware of the dubious foundation and history of this doctrine. Here is how it all began. In 312 AD Constantine was facing a battle with a rival whose army was twice the size of Constantine's.  The story goes … Continue reading Eternal security or insecurity?

The Essence of Pietism

Pietism has appeared in so many forms over the years, from the extreme asceticism of the hermit monks to the ecstatic antinomianism of some segments of the charismatic movement.  The common thread running through all aspects of pietism is the conviction that I have attained to a level of spiritually and communion with God that … Continue reading The Essence of Pietism

This is war

“Must I be carried to the skies on flow’ry beds of ease?” asked Isaac Watts many years ago.  Well, nowadays that seems to be exactly what we expect Christian life to be like.  Is it any wonder that so many folks find Christian life to be boring and unfulfilling? Jesus didn’t promise “flow’ry beds of … Continue reading This is war