My first experiment a success

Marc Loiselle, a farmer from Vonda, Saskatchewan has spearheaded a revival of interest in Red Fife. The Loiselle farm also grows a selected strain of Marquis. A growing number of consumers are discovering the superior taste of bread made from Red Fife or Marquis flour. I bought a bread machine a couple years ago and … Continue reading My first experiment a success

Red Fife wheat for people with gluten intolerance

I remember as a boy picking a head of ripe whet, rolling it in my hands to thresh out the kernels, then popping the kernels into my mouth and chewing them.  Pretty soon I would have a gummy wad in my mouth, somewhat like chewing gum.  This was the gluten in the wheat kernels. Gluten … Continue reading Red Fife wheat for people with gluten intolerance

One kernel of wheat

How many people can be fed with one kernel of wheat?  David Fife fed millions. The Fife family came to Canada from Scotland in 1820 when David was 15.  They settled in Otanabee township, east of Peterborough, Ontario .  When David was 20, he married Jane Becket and they began to farm on their own.  … Continue reading One kernel of wheat

Canada Day trivia

Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?  This is a tricky question.  The first Prime Minister after Confederation in 1867 was John A McDonald.  But the Act of Union of 1841 merged Upper Canada and Lower Canada (now Ontario and Québec) into the United Province of Canada.  The first elected leader of the United … Continue reading Canada Day trivia