How to choose a religion

“Fightin’ is no way to make converts; the true way is to win them. You may stop a man’s mouth Sam,” says he, “by a crammin’ a book down his throat, but you won’t convince him.  It’s a fine thing to write a book all covered over with Latin, and Greek, and Hebrew, like a … Continue reading How to choose a religion

About that beard on my face

Why did I ever decide to grow hair on my face? The answer should be obvious – I didn’t. It grew all by itself, without any decision or effort on my part. That brings up another question – Why do I leave it there? The best answer is the simplest one – I decided that if God made … Continue reading About that beard on my face

Minimum Requirements For Farming

A wide-brimmed hat, one pair of blue jeans and $20 boots from the discount store. At least two head of livestock, preferably cattle, one male and one female. A new air-conditioned pickup with automatic transmission, power steering and a trailer hitch. A dog to ride in the bed of the pickup. A gooseneck trailer small … Continue reading Minimum Requirements For Farming

Precious memories

My cousin Dennis was born September 9, 1937, the first of six children born to Art and Katherine Goodnough. His wife called last week to tell us that his children were planning a surprise birthday party for him for his 80th birthday, last Saturday. Could we come? I thought about it briefly, maybe half a … Continue reading Precious memories

He didn’t say whether he thought this was a good thing

[Stephen Leacock was for many years the head of the Department of Economics and Political Science at McGill University and the author of numerous textbooks and history books. To counterbalance this very serious work, he began writing humour and soon his income and fame from these humorous writings far outstripped the income from his serious … Continue reading He didn’t say whether he thought this was a good thing