Books that unsettle

I read a lot and glean at least a kernel of useful information from everything I read. Perhaps a snippet of information that might someday be useful, perhaps a way of seeing things that is new to me and helps clarify my vision. Sometimes I read a book that shakes the walls of smug complacency … Continue reading Books that unsettle

FAME, part 2

Oh think not genius, with its hallowed light, Can break the gloom of the eternal night; For splendid talents often lead astray The unguarded heart, and hide the narrow way, While the unlearned and those of low estate, With faith's clear eyes behold the living gate, Whose portals open on the shoreless sea Where time's … Continue reading FAME, part 2

Book Review: Embracing Obscurity, by anonymous

There's no end to the amount of good a person can do, if they don't care who gets the credit for it.   I presume the person who said that doesn't mind that I don't remember who he or she was.  I aspire to be a person such as this sentence describes.  Or do I?  There … Continue reading Book Review: Embracing Obscurity, by anonymous