My Reading List

Here, in no particular order, are the books which I am currently reading, books that I have begun and intend to finish. The North-West is our Mother. The story of Louis Riel's people, the Métis nation. copyright 2019 by Jean Teillet, published by Harper Collins. (This is Métis history written by a Métis.)Beyond Order. 12 … Continue reading My Reading List

Connecting the dots

In our small town school, there was a two shelf bookcase in the Grade 11 and 12 classroom. That was our library, and I read every book in those shelves during my last two years in that school. During the reading of one of those books, a historical book, I had a moment of enlightenment. … Continue reading Connecting the dots

Uncharted Seas

Everything is changing and we must change with the times or be left behind. Nothing we knew yesterday will be of any value to us tomorrow. But tomorrow will be better than today and the day after that even better. This is the age of progress. But where is this progress taking us? Hush! It … Continue reading Uncharted Seas

Introduction to the Old Testament – conclusion

The Writings Psalms - The hymn book of Israel and the source of many hymns of the church. Half of them were written by David and reveal his love for God and for the people of God. Some are raw with emotion, some are prophetic. If you look at the headings you will find that … Continue reading Introduction to the Old Testament – conclusion

Bean counters

People like myself (bookkeepers & accountants) are sometimes referred to as bean counters. The none-too-complimentary implication is that we spend hours at our desks sorting beans into little piles with no idea of what those beans represent. It isn't necessarily so. I used to work in the quality assurance department of a factory that made … Continue reading Bean counters

$9.60 for a tonsillectomy

Saturday evening I was looking through some old papers and came across the following bill from when my tonsils were removed 71 years ago. Providence Hospital, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan July 10, 1946 Tonsillectomy Hospital      2 days X 1.50                                         3.00 Operating Room                                                      5.00 Medicine                                                                   .10 Laboratory                                                             1.50 Total                                                                   $9.60

Minimum Requirements For Farming

A wide-brimmed hat, one pair of blue jeans and $20 boots from the discount store. At least two head of livestock, preferably cattle, one male and one female. A new air-conditioned pickup with automatic transmission, power steering and a trailer hitch. A dog to ride in the bed of the pickup. A gooseneck trailer small … Continue reading Minimum Requirements For Farming

Winter’s adventure lost

Seventy years ago, when our family wanted to go somewhere in winter we used a cutter much like the one illustrated.  We dressed very warmly, heated a stone or two in the oven, placed them on the floor of the cutter and draped horsehide robes over our laps and feet. Nowadays, I push a button … Continue reading Winter’s adventure lost

The problem of ethnic pride

I read a number of English language historical novels when I was young. The English heroes were brave, honest, noble and kind. The villains, often French or Spanish, were shifty-eyed, cowardly dishonest and cruel. I accepted this as truth, and, being of English ancestry, it felt good to be able to identify with the good … Continue reading The problem of ethnic pride

Stamp collecting

I collected stamps when I was a boy. It was a fascinating and inexpensive hobby. Many stores sold packets of used stamps for less than a dollar, either mixed or sorted by country or theme. One could also buy from mail order stamp companies. If one had the money to spend there were more expensive … Continue reading Stamp collecting