Hope for a better world

In order to survive and prosper, a society needs the vitality and idealism of youth and the wisdom and experience of the elderly. What we are experiencing today is a sprit of nihilism in both young and old: a belief that the old ideas about religion, morals, law and government have failed and need to … Continue reading Hope for a better world


The war to end all wars didn't end all wars. When a revolution succeeds in overthrowing the oppressors, the revolutionaries then become the oppressors. What is wrong with the world? "The answer to the question, 'What is Wrong' is, or should be, 'I am wrong.' Until a man can give that answer, his idealism is … Continue reading WHY?


There fared a mother driven forth Out of an inn to roam; In the place where she was homeless All men are at home. The crazy stable close at hand, With shaking timber and shifting sand, Grew a stronger thing to abide and stand Than the square stones of Rome. For men are homesick in … Continue reading Christmas

What’s in the bottle?

Once upon a time a family was given a wonderful elixir that would cure every disease of mankind. They bottled it in plain brown bottles and offered it for sale to others. The price was very high and it didn't taste very good, but it worked. As time went on the descendants of this family … Continue reading What’s in the bottle?

To build and to plant

Starting this blog was an attempt to get myself motivated to do more writing, and to improve my communication skills.   I want to be able to write like C. S. Lewis or G. K. Chesterton.  Since I'm already 71, that may be beyond my reach.  Still, I don't want to set my sights any lower. … Continue reading To build and to plant