Smoked sinus syndrome

British Columbia is having a very bad year for forest fires. People have lost homes and property, a whole town is gone, several lives have been lost. Thousands more have had to flee their homes and businesses as the flames advance, not knowing if anything will be left when the fires are out. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay  … Continue reading Smoked sinus syndrome

Making our escape

Image by Bee Iyata from Pixabay  Can't stand the smoke, can't stand the heat, we've got to get out of this place. We are in the middle of the hottest driest summer in years. Farmers are giving up on getting a grain harvest on some of their fields and cutting the grain for green feed for cattle. Hay … Continue reading Making our escape

Smoke gets in your eyes . . .

and your sinuses, and your throat. The forest fires in British Columbia are still burning. The smoke has wafted in other directions for the past several weeks, but yesterday and today it is back in our country. There is a blue haze in the air, accompanied by a faint aroma of burning evergreens. Elderly people … Continue reading Smoke gets in your eyes . . .

The dying poplar

  Three native species of poplar grow in Saskatchewan: cottonwood, trembling aspen and balsam poplar. They are fast growing trees that can attain heights of  25 to 30 metres (80 - 100 feet) and a diameter of 100 cm (3 feet) at eye level. The balsam polar is more slender. Cottonwoods send forth their seeds … Continue reading The dying poplar

Somewhere a forest is burning

Somewhere a forest is burning A blue smoky haze blurs the horizon. Acrid fumes affect our breathing Causing eyes to sting, tears begin to run. Somewhere a forest is burning A forest of churches now redundant; Made weak and sickly from learning To accommodate half-true new doctrine. New interpretations of truth Weakened those who once … Continue reading Somewhere a forest is burning