Fame is a dream

Fame is a dream– the praise of man as brief As morning dew upon the faded leaf; The summer sun exhales the pearly tear, And leaves no trace of its existence there. Seek not for immortality below, But fix your hopes beyond this vale of woe, That when oblivion gathers round thy sod, A lasting … Continue reading Fame is a dream

FAME, part 2

Oh think not genius, with its hallowed light, Can break the gloom of the eternal night; For splendid talents often lead astray The unguarded heart, and hide the narrow way, While the unlearned and those of low estate, With faith's clear eyes behold the living gate, Whose portals open on the shoreless sea Where time's … Continue reading FAME, part 2


[This is the first half of a poem written by Susanna Moodie] Oh ye! who all life's energies combine The fadeless laurel round your brows to twine, Pause but one moment in your brief career, Nor seek for glory in a mortal sphere. Can figures traced upon the shifting sand Washed by the mighty tide, … Continue reading FAME