Return of the plastic grocery bag

Amazing new discovery! Reusable shopping bags may be good for the environment, but may also be dangerous to your health. Actually this isn't a new discovery, there are articles on the internet from up to ten years ago explaining that reusable bags can be a breeding ground for bacteria. I guess we are supposed to … Continue reading Return of the plastic grocery bag

Is it really that bad?

This world is a horrible place. There are environmental catastrophes, threats of international terrorism, dangers in the streets. The danger of religious persecution threatens us even here in North America. There is sexual exploitation of women and children. There is abuse of power by those in positions of trust: police officers, preachers, teachers and parents. … Continue reading Is it really that bad?

Lament for the incandescent light bulb

I’m having second thoughts about “environmentally friendly” light bulbs that produce little heat.  I live in Saskatchewan and that heat was not a wasteful byproduct.  On Christmas day this year the sun rose at 9:15 AM, set at 5:00 PM and the high for the day was -26° Celsius.  We are saving energy on our … Continue reading Lament for the incandescent light bulb


I was awakened early one summer morning by a “tweetie-tweet-tweet-tweet - thunk!” directly outside our bedroom window, repeated over and over again.  I finally got up and peeked through the blind.  There was a yellow warbler on the outside window ledge.  He would sing his song, then fly up toward the top corner of the … Continue reading Illusions

The Puzzle of Plastic

My wife and I went shopping for groceries the other day and forgot to bring our environmentally correct reusable shopping bags.  As a punishment, we had to pay 5¢ each for plastic checkout bags, plus sales tax.  These bags are a serious threat to the environment you know.  The younger generation probably always remembers to … Continue reading The Puzzle of Plastic