How many days until next Sunday?

Well, that's a foolish question if there ever was one, everybody knows it's eight days. But I'm writing to English-speaking people and most of you probably don't know that. You probably count Monday to Sunday and come up with seven days. But today isn't over with yet, how can you just ignore it, say it … Continue reading How many days until next Sunday?

Bunny blues

It was time to go back to school after the Easter vacation. I had put away my parka and winter boots. There wasn't but a tiny bit of green here and there, but the snow was gone, the road was dry. I crossed the highway and David came bouncing with excitement from the narrow pathway … Continue reading Bunny blues

“This Child Will Break Your Heart” – 5 Parenting Lessons From the Mother of Jesus — Striving Nigerian Mom …Parenting With Purpose

“This Child will break your heart!” How about that for an opening line? As I was just pondering on the season of Easter, for some reason, my mind went away from Jesus for a bit, and I thought about Mary, His mom. And for some reason, my heart was heavy, just thinking about her. For […] … Continue reading “This Child Will Break Your Heart” – 5 Parenting Lessons From the Mother of Jesus — Striving Nigerian Mom …Parenting With Purpose

Twice a year isn’t enough

I went to the barber shop a few days ago, feeling a need to get myself spiffed up a bit before attending the gatherings that happen at Christmas time. A lot of other men seemed to have felt the same urge at the same time, as there were six ahead of me.  There were another … Continue reading Twice a year isn’t enough

Spring fever

In books, spring always seems to come in a rush. Homesteaders on the prairies, or trappers in the northern bush, endure a long harsh winter, their food  and their firewood have almost run out and the snow is so deep they can't get out to replenish their supplies.. Then one day they notice something different … Continue reading Spring fever

How long is three days?

To begin this discussion, let me ask: How long is it from now until the same day next week at this time?  Sounds like a dumb question doesn’t it?  If you are English-speaking, the answer is seven days.  To say anything else would be ludicrous. But.   If you are French-speaking, the answer is equally obvious, … Continue reading How long is three days?