The use and abuse of dictionaries

Some folks scrutinize the dictionary for abstruse locutions to titillate the cerebral functions of those who peruse their literary endeavours. This sentence is sticky in a negative way. Most readers will get stuck before they reach the end. That doesn't matter, the sentence doesn't have much to say. But there are people who believe that … Continue reading The use and abuse of dictionaries


Our Sunday School lesson yesterday was on covetousness, a word that some of us don’t know how to pronounce and none of us know how to define. Covetousness seems quite long enough at four syllables, but some in our circles think it needs a fifth. They pronounce it cov et you us ness. That’s ridiculous, … Continue reading Covetousness

Raunchy isn’t cool

Every once in a while I hear Christian sisters say something like, "I feel so raunchy." It is generally said following some outdoor physical activity in hot weather. I believe that I understand what they mean to say, but others may take quite a different meaning, one that would horrify the sisters who say it. … Continue reading Raunchy isn’t cool