Mennonites: ethnic group, culture or faith?

In the first few centuries of the Christian era the faith spread far and wide through Asia, Europe and Africa. Then came the time when the Emperor Constantine professed to espouse the Christian faith. For a time persecution ceased. But the church that made peace with the Imperial power became corrupted by peace and power. … Continue reading Mennonites: ethnic group, culture or faith?

A church of nobodies

Historians appear to believe that wherever there was something important going on there must have been some big shots behind it. When they look at the history of Christianity, the Catholics and Protestants had all the big shots. Since they find no big shots on the side of those we call Anabaptists, they assume that … Continue reading A church of nobodies

Christianity betrayed

In his book, The Reformers and Their Stepchildren*, Leonard Verduin points out that the New Testament church was a complete break with all of preceding human history: “the world was being treated to a new and very revolutionary concept of society, namely, that men can get along peacefully in the market place even though they … Continue reading Christianity betrayed

Seventeen hundred years ago

Seventeen hundred years ago, Christianity became a religion that conquered opponents by use of a literal sword rather than the sword of the Spirit.  The night of October 27, 312 AD, Constantine saw a cross of light in the sky, accompanied by the words, “by this sign, you shall conquer.”  Constantine immediately had the shields … Continue reading Seventeen hundred years ago