You don’t know what you don’t know

There’s a deep meaning in that short statement, but if you’ve never heard it before it probably sounds like childish babbling. Let me unpack it for you. What this statement tells me is that if I don’t know something, I don’t even know that there is a gap in my knowledge. Like the time when … Continue reading You don’t know what you don’t know

Where are we?

Image by lea hope bonzer from Pixabay  A friend told me that scientific evidence shows that the COVID epidemic ended in May and what we have now is just ordinary influenza. Others tell me that they have read scientific proof that COVID is far worse than we have thought up to now. Some say it is a conspiracy … Continue reading Where are we?

Coming to the light

Satan has been able to use the ethnic uniformity of our congregations to place a veil over the eyes of seeking souls, convincing them that what they see is the idiosyncrasies of a little German ethnic group. There may yet be some confusion on that point among many church members,. But the ethnic makeup of … Continue reading Coming to the light

I want to be an L.E.D.

We all know what led’s are, right? Those things that give off a nice clear light but won’t burn you if you get too close to them. That’s what I want to be - a Light Emitting Disciple. There is a problem, though – I am not capable of producing light by myself. But I sure … Continue reading I want to be an L.E.D.


My mother wasn't able to look after herself anymore and had come to live with us. One day a conversation with a visitor went like this: —How old are you? —What year is it? —Two thousand and four —Then I am ninety-six. That was my mother; she couldn't remember how old she was, but she … Continue reading Dementia

Darkness was upon the face of the deep

When first created the earth was tohu and bohu  – "without form and void," as the AV translation has it. The words could also be translated "confusion and emptiness." And there was darkness over all this chaotic mass - not a physical darkness, which would be meaningless before the vision of the Creator – but … Continue reading Darkness was upon the face of the deep