Spiritual mourning

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. There is an obvious way of understanding these words. We encounter sorrow and loss during our lives that are cause for mourning, and we can find comfort in Jesus that is not available anywhere else. But these seemingly simple words also contain a far deeper … Continue reading Spiritual mourning

Miserable comforters are ye all

“I have been hurt more by Christians than by non-believers.”  This was said, not so much as a complaint but as a simple statement of fact, by a friend with whom my wife and I were visiting the other day.  This lady has many heartaches and struggles in her past and I don't doubt her … Continue reading Miserable comforters are ye all

He hath torn and he will heal

I took our little Pookie to the vet a few days ago; Pookie being our three year old Flame Point Siamese. This was a follow up visit after his latest ear infection had cleared up; the vet is trying to figure out why he so often gets these infections.  Her theory now is that it … Continue reading He hath torn and he will heal

Tidings of comfort and joy

These words, from the chorus of "God rest ye merry, Gentlemen," nicely sum up the intended impact of the birth of Jesus Christ. The angel who first appeared to the shepherds said, "Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." After the shepherds had seen … Continue reading Tidings of comfort and joy

Never alone

I expect most people know where I am headed with this post, but there is some rough terrain to be covered first. Alone with God is a wonderful place to be, but there are a host of other spirits vying for our attention. When destructive thoughts come – anger, envy, lust, suspicion, resentment and the … Continue reading Never alone