The race of life

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay  Jesus said: “but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” Matthew 10:22 Something in me would like to think that He meant:All you have to do is sit tightAnd everything will turn out right. But I believe what He really meant was:Keep on running with all your mightUntil you cross the … Continue reading The race of life

She never gives up

Saturday afternoon Bianca Andreescu won the U.S. Open women’s tennis tournament. She is 19 and the first Canadian ever to win a grand slam tennis tournament. A comment made by one of her opponents has stuck in my mind: “She never gives up.” In several matches she seemed to be faltering, on the verge of … Continue reading She never gives up

Do people make a church?

A church leader once told me "We have never seen it happen that a church would begin to drift away from the truth and then recover itself. When you see a church begin to drift, it's time to get out and start over again." I have observed a lot of getting out and starting again … Continue reading Do people make a church?

Books that unsettle

I read a lot and glean at least a kernel of useful information from everything I read. Perhaps a snippet of information that might someday be useful, perhaps a way of seeing things that is new to me and helps clarify my vision. Sometimes I read a book that shakes the walls of smug complacency … Continue reading Books that unsettle

Meditations on spring in Saskatchewan

For months our yard looked barren. Spring came, the snow melted, yet the weather remained cool and we waited week after week for signs of a change. The grass was brown; the trees were dry sticks. Very hesitantly, signs of new life began to appear. Last week warm weather arrived in full force, temperatures as … Continue reading Meditations on spring in Saskatchewan

What Do We Live For?

What do we live for? Is labour so lowly, Toil so ignoble, we shrink from its stain? Think it not – labour Is God-like and holy; He that is idle is living in vain. What do we live for? Creation is groaning, Her desolate places are yet to be built; The voice of the years … Continue reading What Do We Live For?