I Owe the Lord a Morning Song

Amos Herr (1816-1897) lived on a Lancaster county, Pennsylvania farm that had been in the Herr family since 1710 when his ancestors fist arrived from Europe. In addition to being a farmer, he was a minister of the local Mennonite congregation. One wintry Sunday morning about 150 years ago, he awoke to a raging blizzard … Continue reading I Owe the Lord a Morning Song

The Midnight Call

This poem by minister Christian Buerge first appeared in print in 1904.¬† It was later matched with an older melody by Jermiah Ingalls and appears as hymn number 242 in the Christian Hymnal. 'Tis midnight and the Saviour calls: "Come unto Me, both great and small; From ev'ry kindred, nation, tongue: Come one, come all, … Continue reading The Midnight Call