There is a famine

Image by nancygebhardt from Pixabay  Rural and small town churches across Canada are rapidly disappearing.  Fifty years ago, the town where I grew up had five churches.  Only two remain, and they are the churches where one is least likely to ever hear Bible-based preaching.  Smaller towns nearby have no churches at all. This is more than a … Continue reading There is a famine

Things I am thankful for

I know that it is still three weeks until Thanksgiving Day, but there are many things to be thankful for every day and I want to tell you about the things that I am thankful for right now. My wife arrived home Thursday from a nine day stay in Edmonton where she was helping an … Continue reading Things I am thankful for

Christian fellowship in the church

The New Testament depicts the church as a body where believers of many backgrounds are united in true brotherhood.  The disarray in many churches should not cause us to abandon hope that this is still possible in our day.  It is yet God's plan for His children.  Are we humble enough to trust the Holy … Continue reading Christian fellowship in the church