What is an indigenous church?

An indigenous church is one that has been planted in a new environment, taken root and grows and thrives without outside support. People in the community do not see a cultural barrier between themselves and members of the church and conclude that any differences between them and the members of this church are due to … Continue reading What is an indigenous church?

A simple question

The following paragraphs are quoted from By My Spirit, written by Jonathan Goforth.  I would like to add a simple question to what Mr. Goforth has written: In this age of leisure, why do so many of us struggle to find time for reading the Bible?  During my student days in Toronto my one weapon, … Continue reading A simple question

It is impossible for God to speak to a human!

Those were the words of an Iranian prosecutor when Marzieh said she had converted to Christianity from Islam after being convicted by the Holy Spirit.  Marzieh and Maryam were eventually acquitted of the charge of “anti-state activities” and released from prison, thanks in part to the efforts of members of One Free World International. This … Continue reading It is impossible for God to speak to a human!

Not by might, but by my Spirit

The following paragraphs are found at the end of Jonathan Goforth's book By My Spirit, first published in 1929.  Jonathan Goforth was a Canadian missionary to China from 1888 to 1935. During the late Manchu dynasty, scholars were expected to know the classics of their sages off by heart. How do the scholars of so-called … Continue reading Not by might, but by my Spirit