One kernel of wheat

How many people can be fed with one kernel of wheat?  David Fife fed millions. The Fife family came to Canada from Scotland in 1820 when David was 15.  They settled in Otanabee township, east of Peterborough, Ontario .  When David was 20, he married Jane Becket and they began to farm on their own.  … Continue reading One kernel of wheat

Why I am a flatlander

Some folks drive through the prairies on the Trans-Canada Highway and say there is nothing to see.  I, on the other hand, have driven for hours and days through the forests and rocks of northern Ontario, or Michigan Wisconsin and Minnesota, and found it depressing.  Then the trees disappear behind me, the vista of open … Continue reading Why I am a flatlander

Suspicions of Suppression

Some years ago, a backyard mechanic on the Canadian prairies designed and built a carburetor that got fantastic gas mileage with no sacrifice of performance.  He drove a car equipped with this carburetor from Winnipeg to Vancouver, averaging 130 miles per gallon for the trip (or 107 miles per US gallon). Or did he drive … Continue reading Suspicions of Suppression