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Brighten the Corner Where You Are

A few days ago I was reading brief profiles of recent homeschool graduates and one in particular caught my eye.  This young lady expressed a desire to stay home and serve her family and church.  She expects to find her greatest fulfilment in one day having her own family and homeschooling her own children.  She is not just an indoor girl, she is in her fifth year as a member of a 4-H Beef Club.

Before I get too far, I should mention that one of her grandfathers is a Goodnough (my cousin) and she is the only one in the group that I actually know.  Nothing I say here should be construed as a criticism of any of the other graduates.

I just find Krysten’s attitude refreshing.  It is much better to be grounded and content in doing one’s best close to home, than to dream of doing great things for the Lord.  Greater responsibilities and opportunities may come, but the one who thinks only of far horizons is apt to miss the best part of life.

Recently, a friend of my wife was thinking of the song, Brighten the Corner Where You Are.  We couldn’t find it in any of our song books so we looked it up on line.  It was written exactly 100 years ago by Ina D. Ogdon and set to music by Charles H. Gabriel.  The message has been settling in my mind since then and this seems to be the opportune time to share the words with you.

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do,
Do not wait to shed your light afar,
To the many duties ever near you now be true,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Just above are clouded skies that you may help to clear,
Let not narrow self your way debar;
Though into one heart alone may fall your song of cheer,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Here for all your talent you may surely find a need,
Here reflect the bright and Morning Star;
Even from your humble hand the Bread of Life may feed,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Brighten the corner where you are!
Brighten the corner where you are!
Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;
Brighten the corner where you are!

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