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We had a wonderful weekend, except for the last 80 km.

Saturday was sunny and mild.  We arrived at the home of my cousin in time for supper and spent the night there.  Kara and her husband have four children, aged 9 to 18.  Their oldest son is an enthusiastic lad of 16, almost six feet tall and possesses a deep powerful voice which doesn’t seem to have much of a volume control.  If anyone wonders how John Wesley could preach to thousands of people in outdoor settings, I believe Jordan would be able to demonstrate that it is indeed possible.  In fact, I believe that Jesus, the prophets, and preachers in the days before sound systems, must all have had voices like this.

Sunday morning we joined around 200 other people at the Sinclair congregation of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, just inside Manitoba, about 45 minutes from our cousins.  After the Sunday School and worship service, and much visiting in church, making new acquaintances and renewing old ones, we had dinner in the home of one of the ministers, who had also invited several other couples.   All in all it was a day of spiritual refreshing.

We left for home at 4:00 PM.  Our daughter called around 6:00 to inform us that there was a snowstorm at home.  We continued on our way, hoping to get most of the way home before encountering the storm.  Most of our travelling was on four lane highways with a 110 km/h speed limit.  We encountered rain on the last 10 km before we turned off the major highway.  The moment we turned off, the rain turned to snow.  For the first while there was no snow on the highway but the visibility was poor in the driving snow.  Then slush and snow began to build up on the highway, slowing us down even more.  We finally came to the end of this lonely 50 km stretch and made the turn north toward home.  The visibility in the storm became even worse on this stretch, including a couple of whiteouts where I could just barely see the road.

But finally we saw the lights of home.  As we drove into our yard, we saw a pile of snow by the garage, evidence that our son-in-law had been there and cleared the snow away from  the garage door.

Coming home is the best part of any journey.  Being welcomed by our three cats and being able to sleep in our own bed brought our day to a comforting close.

My wife says we need to make this trip again, but not until May.  I expect that winter is here to stay, which makes the comforts of home even more appealing than at other times.

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