The therapeutic purr

Some people would recoil at the thought of a cat climbing on their lap. I find their attitude difficult to comprehend. After all, a purring cat is beneficial to our well-being. The purring of a cat: relieves anxiety lowers blood pressure softens hard hearts helps knit broken bones. I'm not so sure of that last … Continue reading The therapeutic purr

Non-drug treatments for anxiety and depression

There was a full page ad for Nexalin in a recent edition of the Budget. This is a device which emits a low frequency electrical wave that is said to produce positive results in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain and similar conditions. These treatments are available at some chiropractors and other alternative therapy … Continue reading Non-drug treatments for anxiety and depression

Anorexia of the soul

I once knew a Christian lady whose husband was self-centred, domineering and prone to uncontrolled fits of rage.  She, on the other hand, was unselfish, capable and self-controlled. At some point she developed an interest in fasting.  After a time it became apparent to brothers and sisters in the faith that she had become extremely … Continue reading Anorexia of the soul

Why do young people today look so weird?

I remember when duck tail haircuts were all the rage among teenage boys.  I even  remember wearing a duck tail.  For readers younger than 65, a duck tail required hair long enough to be combed straight back and then parted vertically down the back of the head.  It required a lot of Brylcreem to keep … Continue reading Why do young people today look so weird?