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Ghosts and goblins

Today is Hallowe’en, when little children will be decked out in scary costumes and sent to collect candy from kindly folks in the neighbourhood.  Many people consider this innocent fun and the children truly are innocent of any real understanding of the symbolism.

However, there are elements in our society who revel in celebrating the powers of darkness on this day.  There is a mixture of outright pagan and semi-Christian beliefs in Hallowe’en.  Pagan traditions, especially in Celtic lands, said that the spirits of the dead wandered the earth until November 1.  The night before was the last chance for these spirits to gain vengeance on their enemies.  In some church traditions November 1 became known as All Saints Day or All Hallows, a day to honour saints and martyrs.   Thus, the night before became known as All Hallows’ Eve, or Hallowe’en.

We have a Christian friend who often speaks of her fear of the powers of darkness that she see at work in people around her.  We have no doubt that there is truth in her accounts of the workings of those powers, but we see no need for a Christian to live in fear.  We wish that she could grasp the reality of Isaiah 26:13, ” Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

I’m sure that the devil relishes it when people such as our friend focus their attention on his power and come to doubt if the power of God is great enough to protect them.  Our friend feels that we are too innocent, that it is dangerous to ignore the reality of the occult.  We agree that it is good to be aware that the powers of darkness are at work around us, but we believe that to focus our attention on the dangers from that source would tend to undermine our faith in God.

it really is the plan of our Heavenly Father that our minds should be stayed on Him, not on His greatest enemy.  In Zechariah 2:3-4, the angel told the prophet of a day when Jerusalem would be a city without walls and God would be a wall of fire round about.

Why should we put our effort into building man-made walls that really cannot protect us from the enemy, when God Himself is our protection as a wall of fire round about those who trust in Him?



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