An exuberant storyteller

Joe Wheeler was frequently found at a table in the coffee shop in Saskatoon's lone Christian bookstore. He had accumulated a wealth of Bible knowledge and a wealth of experiences over his lifetime and loved to share this wealth with others. Sometimes I was one of those others. Image by Alfred Derks from Pixabay  Joe died 16 months … Continue reading An exuberant storyteller

The Sabbath question

Q. Why is the first day of the week the day of rest, rather than the last day of the week? A. The keeping of the Jewish Sabbath is and has been quite a controversial subject, with much being written pro and con. The keeping of the day depends on which dispensation is had in … Continue reading The Sabbath question

The sacrifice of Isaac

As we approach the time of year in which we commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord, it is fitting to look back and see how clearly God portrayed this in the event recorded in Genesis 22. The birth of Isaac was foretold in an angel visit. His birth was miraculous, his mother was … Continue reading The sacrifice of Isaac

In Memory of Jay Bullock

My wife and I used to be part of a small congregation in a little village north of Saskatoon. The biggest event of the year for this congregation was the Vacation Bible School that took place in our village and in a much larger nearby town (a suburb of Saskatoon). This program had been going … Continue reading In Memory of Jay Bullock

The fear virus

I recently came across a message that was sent to me two years ago. It quoted a "world renowned immunologist" who warned that the COVID vaccines were designed to wipe out the majority of the human population. Most would die within two years of receiving the vaccine, sooner if they had booster shots. I had … Continue reading The fear virus

Quench not the Spirit

I am old enough to remember the Jesus People movement and I believe that it was in a large part a genuine work of the Holy Spirit. Young people who were disillusioned with the empty formality of the older generation’s religion and disappointed by the empty promises of the hippie movement found what their hearts … Continue reading Quench not the Spirit

Further thoughts on praying in Jesus’ name

I have heard individuals from a number of denominations end their prayers with “in thy name, Amen.” None of those denominations teach that this is an acceptable way of ending a prayer, so where does this phrase come from? I have not found a clear answer to this question, but have come across the thought … Continue reading Further thoughts on praying in Jesus’ name